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RV Adventures

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RV Adventures

When we moved to Virginia four years ago for my husband to “go back to school” and earn his MA (I earned my BS at the same time), I never imagined that our next step, after finishing school, would be to remodel an old RV and travel around the country.




The irony of it is almost too perfect. Spends great deal of time, effort and money on a degree and then decides to take to the road as a nomadic artisan. I’d say sorry Mom and Dad, except that our college days hit in our mid-thirties as a kind of Mid (pre-mid?) life crises/career change. So, all the student loans are ours.



But on a more serious note, it has been pretty discouraging for my husband to not have found a good job fit after almost a year of applying for various positions. We’ve struggled to know what to do “next,” and yet we feel so grateful to be able to take some time to grow Seed and Soil, travel around the U.S. and share my jewelry with others! It is only through your support of my small business that we have the opportunity to travel around to markets, while also getting to explore, and spent some quality time with our kids before they’re too old to go on these kinds of adventures with us.



Thank you, we are so grateful!


So, what’s our plan? Well, it is slowly unfolding. Not as quickly as this type 1 would like, but I am learning to trust the One who knows all, and be more present.



That being said, we plan to spend the next few months living in our tiny home on my parents property (they own 40 acres in the country!). We are excited to head to Colorado for Renegade in Denver, Firefly Handmade in Boulder in September. Also, an east coast holiday tour is in the early planning stages. Please let us know of any great Holiday markets in your area!


Oh, and our home in Virginia is on Airbnb. If you need a cute place to stay we’d love to host you and have a great intro rate! You can view it here




Shout-out to @keely_askew_photo for documenting our tiny home life!