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We offer Custom Bridal Bouquet Preservation as well as Discounts on Bulk Bridal Party Orders

What better way to preserve a piece of your wedding day than in a form that you wear everyday!

preserve a piece of your bridal bouquet in a wearable form

custom floral preservation is a lovely way to remember your wedding in a beautiful and practical way

For best preparation, we suggest purchasing this listing before your big day so we can send you drying instructions. This listing includes your choice of any pendant, the consultation (including drying instructions) and custom design of your piece.

Bridal Party gifts are a great way to thank your loved ones for their love and support! 

Orders of 3-4 of the same item receive a 10% discount off retail prices.

Orders of 5-7 of the same item receive a 15% discount off retail prices. 

Orders of 8-10 of the same item receive a 20% discount off retail prices.

Orders of 11+ of the same item receive a 25% discount off retail prices. 

Please use our contact form to find out about our fulfillment availability and to request your discount coupon.

Before contacting us about a custom bouquet preservation, please read the disclosure below.

Due to the chemical nature of resin, there are times when it does not cure properly and it remains soft. In this case, the botanical inside is ruined. Because your special flowers are irreplaceable we need you to be aware of this risk in advance. While, this has been a rare occurrence, it is a risk. Purchase of this listing is a an understanding of and agreement to move forward with acknowledgement of this risk.

Drying Instructions below, click here for a full tutorial.

For best results, please follow our drying instructions: your flowers need to be dried flat (most of our frames are ¼” thick) in order to fit in our frames. This can easily be accomplished by picking off the pieces you wish to preserve (we suggest single petals and small flowers – remember your pieces must be thin to fit our frames) and pressing them between wax paper and placing them inside of a large book. If you don’t have an especially heavy book on hand, simply add weight to the top of your book by placing a weighty object on top of it. It is best to dry more than you expect to use in the event of discoloration during drying or other loss in the process.