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Brand Rep Info

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Brand Rep Info
We don’t like traditional marketing, instead we appreciate genuine connections. This is why we want to be a part of changing the way people hear about the products they purchase. We want to be part of a movement of authentic sharing, supporting small-business and handmade, putting the humanity back in commerce.

We have found that people authentically sharing about what they love with the people they love, creates these beautiful connections.

For this reason we want you (our brand rep) to choose a piece you love and give you enough time to share in a way that feels natural.

If you are chosen as our brand rep you will receive $50 in shop credit so you can pick out your favorite piece. In exchange we ask that you would style and model your Seed & Soil jewelry and share to your Instagram feed and stories within 10 days after receipt. 
We ask that you agree to share at least one post in your stories as well as one post to your feed. The post in your stories must tag us and the post in your feed must mention and tag @seedandsoil_shop in the comments, drawing attention to the jewelry pictured. In exchange for your sharing you will get to keep the jewelry that we sent you. Because we want to help support you in sharing authentically we want you to pick the piece of jewelry you would like to rep and allow you up to ten days for you to share.
If after receiving your jewelry you are unable to uphold this agreement we ask that you would pay for the piece of jewelry you received or promptly return it.
Ready to apply? Fill out the application here:

Please let us know if you have any questions!
Xoxo - Whitney