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Bridal Bouquet Preservation

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Bridal Bouquet Preservation

Please read for details on our Bridal Bouquet Preservation - 


Thank you for purchasing a custom bridal bouquet preservation. If you have not already purchased your custom preservation please purchase it by clicking here.

We are honored to preserve a piece of your special day in a form you can enjoy wearing for years to come! For best results please read over the following instructions carefully.

  1. Follow the drying instructions as outlined below. If you have any questions feel free to reach out via email:
  2. Allow 3-4 weeks for your botanicals to dry
  3. Once 3-4 weeks have passed, carefully package and send your dried botanicals in for us to create your custom piece. Take extra care to protect your botanicals. We suggest shipping padded in a small box or between two pieces of cardboard. Please indicate if you would like us to return any unused botanicals. 

Ship to: Seed & Soil, 160 Cleveland Ave, Auburn, CA 95603

  1. Be sure to leave contact info in your package, including the order number for your purchased bridal bouquet preservation. 


Drying Instructions

For best results please follow our drying instructions. Your flowers need to be dried flat to fit in our frames (most of our frames at 1/4” thick). This can easily be accomplished by picking off the pieces you wish to preserve, we suggest single petals, bits of greenery, and small flowers - remember your pieces must be thin to fit in our frames. Press them between wax paper and place them inside of a flower press or a large/heavy book. If you don’t have an especially heavy book on hand, simply add weight to the top of your book by placing a weighty object on top of it. It is best to dry more than you expect to use, in the event of discoloration during drying or other loss in the process. Because we want you to be able to be fully present on your big day, we suggest designating a member of your bridal party or other friend to oversee this task.